Who is marc anthony dating

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"Lately, I was lucky enough to audition for some very important productions, with very famous filmmakers."Marc confused many people in early summer when he was seen with several women.

A few days after he posted the photo with Raffaella, photos surfaced of Marc with his ex-wife Shannon de Lima while aboard a yacht in Miami, and both looked to be awfully flirtatious.

In late March, she posted an image to her Instagram of the two of them at the Ultra Music Festival.

In the image, she called Marc "mi lindooo," which is basically the Spanish equivalent to "my beautiful." is taking a look at celebrity divorces that dragged on and on and on...

During the interview, a reporter asked both Canelo and Oscar De La Hoya who should sing the national anthem at the highly-anticipated boxing match.Marc Anthony returned to the stage on Saturday () - two days after his mother's passing.The 48-year-old singer sadly revealed his mum Guillermina Quinones de Muniz died on Thursday (), but he performed a...Raffaella told the magazine that she's excited to see where the romance goes.While she is currently splitting her time between Rome and Los Angeles, she maintains that it's not just to see her beau. "I'm spending a lot of time studying to become an actress," she said.

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