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Pick someone out who makes sense for you -- a casual friend, a girl in class, someone 'around' who seems available.

Be realistic: if she is model material, then are you really, really ready to be taking the risk that is implied by her beauty (although this is an assumption: read below).

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I was already a man at 16.”Wait, let me guess…you did all our moms too, right? But it isn’t the kind of thing said by grown men, it’s the kind of thing said by insecure man-babies who feel the need to posture and preen like a peacock.

After all, it's not just any place, it's where your entire family lives.

You don't need some crazy stalker coming back for you.

I was already a man at 16.” The Dallas native’s supposed sex-partner count came 48 minutes into a bizarre Saturday video titled “Sandy Hook Vampires Exposed” — which, as the Statesman points out, supplied no new information on the 2012 mass school shooting.

Alex Jones’ lawyer argues Infowars host is ‘playing a character’ Jones used a scrawled series of stick-figure drawings to argue that at age 35, “you are at your peak, peak, peak, peak, peak, peak, peak,” and that “you’re supposed to have children by 16 in every culture, biologically.” His “shameful” confession was the latest personal revelation to emerge during his custody proceedings, where his attorney planned to argue his crazed “Infowars” persona — which features baseless conspiracy theories, threats of violence and Jones yelling and taking off his shirt — was just a “character.” On Thursday — aka the stoner holiday 4/20 — Jones said he smoked marijuana on a yearly basis “to monitor its strength,” according to Buzz Feed News.

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