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Say hello to the fitness tracker that wants to monitor vigorous activity away from the gym or the running track.This smart wearable is all about tracking your downstairs activity and could also potentially help detect sexually transmitted diseases. Con Smart Condom, which is actually a ring that fits over your regulation jacket, was first announced last year and is now available to pre-order and claims to be the world's first device of its kind. Well, according to the folks over at British Condoms, the device will clear up any queries you have regarding thrust velocity and pace, how many calories you've burned, skin temperature and girth.The company behind this tech is British Condoms and it took three years to bang this out. It has eight hours of endurance before it runs out of juice and needs a recharge.It's available for pre order for 60 pounds which is about 74 US dollars.

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Nevertheless, it can cause all kinds of health problems from mild headaches, sleeping difficulties and muscle tension, to more severe issues such as malfunction of the immune system and chronic ...It can also let you know what times of the month your pain tolerance is likely highest, so you can schedule a bikini wax or new tattoo when you can handle it best.On top of this, the app has answers to your every burning question about sex, birth control, and your reproductive cycle.And if you're one concern in all this happens to be data privacy, the page noted that all data will be kept anonymous — unless of course you, for some reason, want to share recent data with your pals or the wider world.Everyone has probably heard about the physical benefits of having sex (it helps the immune system, lowers blood pressure, burns calories).

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