Who is ivy dating on 90210 self assesments stop validating

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But, like so many frothy confections before it, there are only so many love triangle/hit-and-run/prostitution/addiction storylines to go around, so the show had to choice but to get “creative” with its plot points, presumably leading to its demise.Surrogacy, adventures in party planning, cancer genes, and an errant food truck storyline all featured prominently in season 5, so yeah, not a shock.

As they return to our screens for a new series, catch-up on what Annie, Naomi, Silver, Adrianna and Ivy have been doing and wearing on set...

When he suspects that the test results are positive, he breaks up with Ivy to keep his fate a secret.

But once his doctor delivers good news, he hopes he can get Ivy back.

-Kelly and Brenda are back, but with lame-o storylines.

The frenemies realize they’ve both slept with Ryan, the new “hot” teacher at West Bev, then Brenda adopts a baby from China.

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