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Before I tell you about my experiences there, my highlights and how the nightlife is, here are three really interesting facts about Korat that you may not have known yet: Even though it’s quite a big city, there are only a handful of attractions really worth mentioning. I strongly recommend you to rent a motorcycle as some places are well out of town.

Rental rates are usually 300 Baht per day for a decent scooter.

The villages where locals produce silks are the highlights here.

Khmer style ruins near Buriram and Pimai (north of Korat) are not as spectacular as Siam Reap, but can provide relaxing few days trip without incurring the expense and time of a trip to Cambodia.

They are native to Thailand and are first mentioned in “The Cat-Book Poems” dating sometime between 13.

The Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo is the nicest animal park I have seen in Thailand thus far.

Yes, it’s better than the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok – much bigger and much, much quieter.

However, Korats are surprisingly heavy for their size and strong.

They are one of the oldest breeds of cats and named after Korat, Thailand and considered to be a “good luck” cat.

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