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Thinking about the westernized exposure to the audience.

Actresses in minimal clothing, partying drinking premarriage sex, dating, living the so called western goodlife in movies. I always believed indian culture traditions had some kind of honour by not exposing to much.

“There will be a departure from the normal culture of what you call ‘Bollywood.’ You can call me un-Bollywood, if you like.

People outside India—not just the West; it could be China—are wanting to listen to stories, if you don’t give them interesting stories and get charactered as song-and-dance there’s something seriously wrong.

The big Katrina Kaif-Ranbir Kapoor break up They tried sealing their love with a kiss just days before the New Year but that was not enough.

The beginning of the year 2016 created such violent tremors in their relationship that both Ranbir and Katrina decided to call it quits and ditch their expensive love nest to find solace in their old homes.

Apparently hitting the gym was her way of dealing with a break-up.

One wonders how these two former lovers will come together to promote Jagga Jasoos.

So much so that ‘film is perhaps the single strongest agency for the creation of a national mythology of heroism, consumerism, leisure, and sociality’ (Appadurai & Breckenridge 1996: 8).Musical is one genre, and then life moves on.”Mehra’s quest to create a Bollywood film for the masses beyond just India saw him launch the film at the London Film Festival in October. “It felt correct going that route,” the filmmaker says.Appearing on the festival circuit gave the film a more independent feel, although it was in fact produced on a sizable budget of 0m rupees (m).Controversy and Bollywood go hand-in-hand and 2016 successfully produced some gems that kept gossip mills churning overtime and news TRPs hitting the rooftop.We take a look at those Bollywood controversies that created maximum noise.

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