Drobo updating boot support partitions

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Unplug removable drive directly Many of us have made the mistake of unplugging external hard disk or USB flash drive directly from computer especially when the drive is still transferring data.

Some users do this without knowing the potential harm to drive while some do this due to other reasons, say power failure.

The green drives offer real advantages in terms of power savings and cooler operating temperatures, both things that WHS users tend to appreciate since our servers are often running 24/7.

Before I get too far along, it is probably a good idea to take a moment to talk about hard drives and to point out that these days hard drives seem to come with a mix of attributes, two of which are very pertinent to Windows Home Server v1. Hard drives consume power and lately drive manufacturers have produced lines of ‘regular power’ drives and ‘low power (aka ‘Green’)’ drives.

The vast majority of Macs update to mac OS Sierra without any adverse incident.

Sometimes when users attempt to download mac OS Sierra from the Mac App Store they will confront a “An error has occurred” red message and the download stops.

To be perfectly clear this is meant to be a compilation for potential issues experienced with the mac OS Sierra update process.

Most of this will not be encountered by the average user, and is in no way suggestive of what to expect during the Sierra update or installation process.

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