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You should speak with an attorney or certified public accountant that specializes in business closures.While the process of closing a business is very difficult for many reasons, it is important to make sure you get the best value for your assets, pay your employees, satisfy your creditors, and comply with state and federal laws.

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You may well feel that your business dreams are at an end.WInding down a business is a straightforward process.The company notifies its employees, its vendors, its creditors and its customers that it is closing up shop.the Faith Shares Baptist Values Fund (FZB), the Faith Shares Catholic Values Fund (FCV), the Faith Shares Lutheran Values Fund (FKL) and the Faith Shares Methodist Values Fund (FMV) (each a "Liquidating Fund," and, collectively, the "Liquidating Funds").Liquidating Your Assets Handling Your Financial Obligations Making Your Final Distributions Community Q&A If you are faced with closing your business and you were unable to locate a buyer to purchase the business in its entirety, you should consider selling/liquidating your business’s assets.

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